Budo seminar Greece

My personal favourite was the Tai Chi session – being a Karate practitioner it made a nice change to use the exercise of a martial art for calming purposes. A.KB


Our club recently took part in a Budo seminar in Athens. This event was organised by our friend Sarantis Theodosiou and Zendo Ryu Karate Do Greece.  A group of four represented Shin ai do United Kingdom, Anna, Les, Cassandra and Marek.  Greece greeted us with rain and cold temperatures, which is not quite what we had expected, but a warm welcome from our friends and excellent food more than made up for the weather!  We spent a couple of days at Amarithos (Evia) and then moved to Athens and the Olympic stadium where the Budo seminar was held.  This year we the opportunity to train with teachers from Greece, representing Zendo Ryu Karate, Aikido, Hapkido, Kenpo, Tai Chi and Ninjitsu.  All of these training sessions were interesting and were run in a friendly atmosphere.   All of the teachers were keen to answer any questions and so we were able to get an in-depth view of the way of each of their martial arts.

After six hours of learning and exchanging ideas we then headed off for dinner.  I have to mention the restaurant that we went to as it is run by our Tai Chi friend, Nick.  The food was absolutely excellent and I would definitely recommend that anyone staying in Athens consider paying it a visit.  (The restaurant is called Fish Co Platters – www.fishcoplatters.gr)

The day before the seminar we had a chance to catch up with our friends from Germany who treated us to an interesting trip around the island of Evia.  Thanks to Dietmar for showing us the sites, even if it was via the scenic route!

During the last day of our trip we were able to visit some of the tourist attractions of Athens before flying back to London.

Overall we had a brilliant time and are looking forward to the next seminar!

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Anna’s Review

“As always it was great to catch up with our fellow martial artists in Greece.  It was also great to see a lot of new faces and meet new instructors.

The seminar featured a wide range of different schools and it was brilliant to be able to try aspects of so many styles at one event.  My personal favourite was the Tai Chi session – being a Karate practitioner it made a nice change to use the exercise of a martial art for calming purposes.”

Cass’s Review

“I just wanted to tell you what an interesting trip I had last week with the Shin ai do martial arts organisation.Once we arrived in Athens we drove to the sleepy island of Evia where we had a fish supper with Dietmar and Stefan. Afterwards we checked into our hotel room and as it was the low season it turned out we had the whole hotel for ourselves.  The Greek style breakfast was followed by a drive around the island which should really be done in a 4×4 in case you get off the beaten track! Then lunch with Dietmar and his wonderful wife Ilona. The view from their house was wonderful and tranquil, and surprisingly warm. Dinner was a typical affair, plentiful and tasty.  Can’t wait for a good workout now.Sunday was an early start with a trip back to the Athens Olympic Stadium dojo for the seminar.  The purpose of the seminar was to meet other instructors and students in various forms of martial arts, and I wasn’t disappointed. We had taster sessions in Hapkido, Kempo, Ninjitsu, Tai chi, Aikido and of course, Karate giving a view from a modern and realistic approach.  Students ranged from beginners to 8th Dan which didn’t matter as everyone was there to try out and hopefully learn something new.  We were all given a certificate of attendance and the opportunity to socialise with the instructors over a wonderful meat feast and lovely Pinotage!

The final day gave us the opportunity to check out the old ruins of Athina – I’m referring to the Acropolis (including the Parthenon). Then back home.  All in all a very pleasant and interesting trip.  Definitely worthwhile – where will the next one be?”


Seminar Review

Last weekend our club hosted an International Budo Seminar where we had various martial arts instructors demonstrating and teaching their arts. Personally for me this event was a great success, especially as I was initially worried that we would have only limited attendance. In the end we had over 30 people turn up and I hope that they all had a great time. Below you can find a short review that was written by one of the participants, followed by a few pictures.  Enjoy 🙂

Group photo

Group photo

“Martial Arts Seminar August 2014

This August I had the opportunity to attend a martial arts seminar in Guildford with instructors from the UK and mainland Europe who are high level teachers in various disciplines.

For me it is always interesting to train with new instructors and in styles that differ from those that that I regularly practice. There are opportunities to learn new ideas and variations of existing techniques; a chance to expand horizons.

This seminar did not disappoint. Not only did we get a chance to experience new possibilities but there was also a real sense of camaraderie. Instructors from different styles and countries coming together with open minds and students (mostly) enjoying learning. I certainly hope that we can experience more seminars of this calibre in the future.”

By Robin K.

not so serious photo

not so serious photo

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Pub after seminar

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Thank you for your time 🙂