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I Challenge You Sir!

At my last seminar I was challenged.  “Sir your stuff doesn’t work! I challenge you to a fight to the death. The winner takes over your school and your students!” No not really, but it sounds great though doesn’t it? Straight from one of those Chinese Kung Fu […]

From Kata to Fighting

  Kata (form) – Karate shadow boxing. The mention of Kata evokes all sorts of emotions in people. From passion to laughter everyone has an opinion ranging from a functional self defence training tool to merely a comical dance performed by kids in pyjamas. Unfortunately over the years […]

Kanku Dai – Elbow Sequence

In this clip we are focusing on the elbow sequence in Kyokushin version of Kanku Dai kata. As we had few questions about our training methodology, this clip illustrates training progression and layers of technical development. One layer of pressure testing is missing, next step of pressure testing […]

Kanku Dai – Body Drop

This week we looked at kata Kanku Dai in Kyokushin version, blow is a clip with application for a drop movement within this kata. In all versions there is similar movement and this application fit them well. Enjoy  

Pinan Sono Ni -Shuto Uke

Second clip from our Pinan Sono Ni/ Heian Nidan / Pinan Shodan flow drill. This clip focuses on the usage of Shuto Uke as a take down and obstruction clearing method. To learn and practice this application please seek instruction under the supervision of a qualified Sensei. Thanks […]