Kanku Dai – Opening Sequence

In this clip we are focusing on the opening sequence in Kyokushin version of Kanku Dai kata. This is the first and basic bunkai oyo for these sequence, we are looking on the inside entry. Meaning that opponents arms are on the outside of our body, we are […]

Done Came & Iain Abernethy Seminar

On the 8th of June I had the pleasure of attending a seminar with Don Came Sensei and Iain Abernethy Sensei. I had met Iain before so I kind of knew what to expect from his session and I was glad that at this event he would be […]

Kanku Dai – Elbow Sequence

In this clip we are focusing on the elbow sequence in Kyokushin version of Kanku Dai kata. As we had few questions about our training methodology, this clip illustrates training progression and layers of technical development. One layer of pressure testing is missing, next step of pressure testing […]

Naihanchi – Double Block

Following our clip with opening sequence of Nihanchi we moving to the next module. Cross step with double block (joge Uke)ad dropping Elbow or Back fist. This is one of the possible application, which we explored on this session.   Kind regards Les

Kanku Dai – Body Drop

This week we looked at kata Kanku Dai in Kyokushin version, blow is a clip with application for a drop movement within this kata. In all versions there is similar movement and this application fit them well. Enjoy  

Adapting Karate

Big part of my karate is teaching, I teach many different people. Some of them have disabilities, autism or  not so young. In order to provide a quality sessions i have to adapt program to specific needs. Through the years of working with different charities I have developed […]

Tegumi – Karate’s Grappling

Short clip of our Tegumi (grappling) based on techniques found in kata, from Pinan series to Seipai. Throws are not performed correctly due to lack of soft floor. If you like the clip please Like, Share and Subscribe. To learn and practice this application please seek instruction under […]