Medals at P.A.K.T.

On Sunday the 13th of October members of the Shin ai do Karate club took part in a Practical Applied Karate Tournament (PAKT) in Watford. This competition is unique in that it focuses on the self defence aspect of Karate, including not only Kata (forms) but also their practical use. The latter being tested on both a compliant and non-nompliant attacker, giving it a more realistic feel. Participants can test their punching skills on pads and in fighting. When fighting there are two options – regular competition rules and “vertical grappling”, where opponents start from a clinch.


Raquel, Chloe and Alix took part in three of the five challenges: Kata, Kata applications and pad work. Bringing back an array of medals! All of them managed to win Gold in at least one event. Whilst winning Silver and Bronze medals in other categories.

Alix – Gold in Kata, Silver in application and Bronze in Pad work.

Chloe – Gold in Applications, Silver in Kata and Silver in Pad work.

Raquel – Gold in Kata, Silver in applications and Bronze in pad work.

What is most impressive about their success is that some of them managed to overcome their limitations, both mental and physical, and competed against fully able competitors.


Our club, in cooperation with the Aspire Project, started inclusive classes in the Guildford area with focus on students suffering with mental ill health. Karate For Mental Health helps people regain their confidence and self belief, helping them to achieve things they never thought possible and challenge themselves in a variety of ways.

This club is run by Sensei Les Bubka at the QE Park Centre and always welcomes new members of all abilities. For more information please visit

Karate drills – Pad Work

Pad work is one of the best training methods in karate, allows you to work on distance, timing, speed, precision and power. On last session we went through some of our drills, focus was on flowing combinations.


About the author: Les Bubka is an experienced martial artist, personal trainer and therapist who specialises in posture, mobility and Karate.  Les works with a wide variety of clients including martial artists and athletes as well as those suffering with postural dysfunction or those who wish to improve their fitness and wellbeing.


Karate, Mobility & Taiso in Germany

September 2019 I had a pleasure to teach at Isshindokan Europa seminar in Germany. I have covered three subjects Karate’s blueprint for building drills, mobility protocol and relaxation with use of Karate which was run by my student and friend Gary. This clip is only an extract if you would like to know more about those subjects feel free to get in touch via email To learn and practice this application please seek instruction under the supervision of a qualified Sensei.

Kanku Dai – Hopping

In Kyokushin version of Kanku Dai there is sequence of (depending on organisation) six or seven jumps in morote ashi with double shuto gedan uchi.

This short clip shows my approach to this sequence and options available to explore.

Adapting Karate

Big part of my karate is teaching, I teach many different people. Some of them have disabilities, autism or  not so young. In order to provide a quality sessions i have to adapt program to specific needs. Through the years of working with different charities I have developed my own specific way of modifying Karate. I’m happy that there is more recognition for my work and there is an interest in seminars with me.

For those who asked me about teaching more about Taiso project,  I have planned for next year few seminars on the subject. Please have look below on sample clip of how I modify Kata . In this case both ladies have problems with balance making Seienchin Kata very difficult to perform standing.

Kind regards


Pinan Sono Ni -Shuto Uke

Second clip from our Pinan Sono Ni/ Heian Nidan / Pinan Shodan flow drill. This clip focuses on the usage of Shuto Uke as a take down and obstruction clearing method. To learn and practice this application please seek instruction under the supervision of a qualified Sensei.

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Kind regards, Sensei Les