British Karate history 1956-1963: Questions, facts and answers

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Classical Karate & Jujutsu magazine

Vernon Bell's very first Karate club in Essex Vernon Bell’s very first Karate club in Essex

Background to the introduction of Karate to England

By the time Vernon Bell introduced Karate to England in 1956, the arts of Jujutsu and Judo had already been taught here some 60 years. The Edwardian musichalls were no strangers to the sight of Japanese Jujutsu players grappling with wrestlers and strongmen and eventually, thanks to masters like Gunji Koizumi and Yukio Tani, these arts spread through cities like London and Liverpool. It was not until the 1950s however that Karate appeared. A Frenchman, Claude Urvois and a French-Algerian Jean ‘Jim’ Alcheik trained in Shizuoka, Japan at the Yoseikan Dojo of Minoru Mochizuki, a master who has studied all of the main Japanese martial arts (mostly with the founder of each of these arts no less) and they convinced Mochizuki to introduce the arts of Karate and Aikido to Europe. Urvois and…

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