Myths in Karate


Due to the very intense nature of the training courses that I am doing at the moment I will be unable to write any articles for the next few weeks.  However I will endeavour to share interesting articles, videos and photos that I have come across.

Hopefully after a few weeks my work will calm down a bit so that I can write more.   I hope that you will enjoy reading this blog and the articles I have chosen to share.

This week I would like to share quite an old article by Jesse Enkamp who runs a brilliant blog, “Karate by Jesse”.  If you do not follow this blog already then I would highly recommend it as there is a lot of useful information and interesting views on Karate and martial arts there.

Karate myth busting


4 thoughts on “Myths in Karate

  1. Continued success to you in your certification studies. I look forward to reading future posts of what you learn from the course.

  2. That was a great article. I must confess I was raised on that myth and pretty much totally believed it.

    Now, I’m pretty torn! lol

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