Month: May 2014

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention During classes the instructor/sensei is obliged to create a safe environment for members of the club. Most of us think that wearing protective gear is all that is required – we put on our head gear, gloves, shin pads and we feel safe. This is true […]

Bunkai (application) session

Short footage from one of our bunkai (application) sessions. I have to say a big thanks to Martin who allowed me to perform all the punches and kicks on him! In this clip you can see one of our kihon kata (basic forms). As people will probably notice […]

The Magic of McDojo

  These are my thoughts about how standards are lowering in martial arts, especially in relation to Karate as this art is closest to my heart. Low quality dojos, money making machines and black belt factories are often called McDojos. So what is a McDojo? I will use […]

International Budo Seminar

International Budo Seminar Details: The seminar will be held on the 31st of August 2014 at the Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex (Arena B). The seminar is open to all and costs £10 per person, which is payable on the day. However, for planning purposes if you wish to […]